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Q. Are there any restrictions to taking the tour?

A. You must be 21 with I.D. to take any tour. 


Q. Is there any requirements before boarding the bus?

A. Yes, everyone must read and sign the Liability Waiver before boarding the bus.


Q. For Private Tours, is there a deposit/cancellation policy?

A. Yes, for Private Tours: $150 Cancellation Fee.

  • 14 Days or more in advance: $150 credit towards a future date within 3 months.

  • Less than 14 days before the tour date: $150 non-refundable fee. (No credit)

  • In case of No call/No show, or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged for the full tour.


Q. Is there a cancellation/No show policy on public tours?

A. Yes, Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the tour will not be refunded and there will be no credit issued. No shows will forfeit the full amount, will be charged and not be refunded.


Q. Where do you pick up our group?

A. For Private Tours, we pick up/drop off your group at one specified location, house, apartment, etc. Location must be in Orange County. Location subject to approval.

  • Additional charge for out of area pickup/dropoff.

*For Public Tours, check available dates for Pick up/Drop off location.


Q. Is there a minimum number of people required to book a Private tour?

A. Yes, for OC Private Tours, a minimum charge for 10 people is required to book a tour. 


Q. How many people can you take on a tour?

A. The bus can accommodate up to 20 people. We absolutely cannot have more than 20 people on the vehicle at any time. 


Q. Is gratuity included?

A. No, gratuity is not included in the prices. It is optional, but greatly appreciated. 


Q. Do you only do private tours?

A.  Unfortunately due to the pandemic, all Public Tours are postponed.


Q. What is a Production Tour, will we see beer being made? 

A. A behind the scenes tour of the brewing equipment, with explanation of how  beer is made. *Not guaranteed, given by request and at each breweries discretion and very limited.


Q. What is a  Flight?

A. A  Flight is usually (4) 4oz tastings of the Breweries core beers for each person. Sometimes there could be more tastings and selection of beers may vary depending the Brewery.


Q. Can I bring Beer on the bus?

A. Yes, but, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Only beer, wine, and seltzer are allowed. Sorry, absolutly NO LIQUOR is allowed on the bus. All open containers must stay in the vehicle and behind the curtain. Anyone drinking in the brewery parking lot will NOT be allowed inside. 


Q. Will there be a cooler on the bus? Can I bring my own?

A. Yes, there are two cooler w/ice on the bus for your beers and growlers. Please DO NOT bring any additional coolers. Personal coolers will not be allowed on board.


Q. What if someone in my group is intoxicated? What if someone throws up on the bus? What if a guest is asked to leave a brewery?

A. Breweries have a strict policy on not serving anyone who is intoxicated and we will be forced to end the tour early. There is a $300 fee charged if someone throws up on the bus and tour will end immediately. If someone is removed from a brewery, vomits,  or is too intoxicated to continue, the tour will be ended without refund. If a guest is asked to leave the brewery, they will have the option to Uber home, and we can continue without the guest, or the entire party can return home without refund. No exceptions.


Q. Will water be provided?

A. Yes, to help stay hydrated during the tour we provide 1 bottled water per person. If you would require more, feel free to bring your own. Also, most Breweries will gladly give you complementary water if you ask nicely.


Q. Will there be food at the Breweries?

A. Most of the Breweries you will visit do not serve food, however,most usually have food trucks and/or menu's of nearby places that will deliver to the Breweries. You can also take food and snacks into many of the Breweries, however breweries with a kitchen will not allow outside food.

*All of our brewery options include at least one brewery with a food option such as a food truck or kitchen 


Q. Can we bring food onto the bus?

A. Yes, but it is better to enjoy the food while at a brewery with a beer. Food in some cases can result in a $50 clean up charge. There are two trash cans on board the bus, please use them.


Q. Can we play our own music on the bus?

A. Absolutely, for private tours there is a blue tooth stereo on the bus to connect to and play your own music from your phone/tablet. The stereo also plays CD's or DVD'S. There are two USB ports in the seating area for charging, please BRING YOUR OWN CORD. On Public Tours the music is chosen by the driver.


Q. What if we wanted to extend the tour for over time?

A. When available, the rate is $120/hr Sun-Fri and $150/hr on Saturdays. Over time is not always available if we have other tours scheduled that day. If you know you want overtime in advance, please arrange ahead of time so we can put it on the schedule.


Q. What if I had to much to drink and can't drive home?

A. Do not drink and drive! If you need to leave early please notify us and plan ahead so you can get home safe.  Again we stress Do Not Drink and Drive! Uber and Lyft are cheaper and safter than a DUI.


Q. Is there a bathroom on the bus?

A. No, please remember to use the bathroom before leaving the Breweries. We will not be stopping for bathroom breaks. Please use the bathrooom before it is time to leave. If you cannot be found when the tour is over, you may end up left behind and have to Uber home.

Additionally, if you decide to go home early, please notify the driver so that we do not spend time looking for you.





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